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We market your jobs to our candidates. We sell each candidate on what makes your company great.

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Our objective is to find you a great job with an organization that needs your talent the very most.

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We help you prepare for and get the job. Our jobs are updated daily. All are active positions.

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Professional Recruiting Services

PeopleCom provides professional recruiting services for employers seeking workforce solutions in the areas of:

  • Government Contract Staffing
  • Technology Staffing
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Marketing and Sales Experts
  • Business Development Executives
  • Senior Level Management
  • Data Center Staffing
  • Help Desk Staffing
  • Call Center Staffing

Temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent placement services are available along with the company’s new; proprietary PeopleNow contract for government contractors seeking to fulfill Federal Staffing requirements. Whether it is recruiting for organizations or finding the right organization for a job seeker, nobody does it faster, better and more cost effectively than PeopleCom.

Why PeopleCom.  I started  PeopleCom 16 years ago.  I wanted an agency different from the rest.  I wanted to provide a professional recruiting service worthy of the big dollars clients pay.

professional recruiting servicesI wanted to listen to both sides of the encounter and provide candidates that matched the positions and that wanted to be hired by the company. We’ve done that and that’s why we’re successful.

We’ve remained a manageable size so you can even talk to the President without going through a telephone maze.

Clients include many Fortune 500 companies; Government contractors of all sizes, Start-Up companies and numerous commercial enterprises.

So call me… whether you’re the employer or a candidate… you’ll get prompt, knowledgeable and personal attention.